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Where Have All the Faeries Gone?


Where Have All the Faeries Gone?

By Bernadette Wulf

It wasn’t so long ago that just about everyone knew there were faeries wherever there was life. It is hard to find an ancient legend or folk tale from the British Isles that does not feature faeries, though many people today may not recognize them. Even the relatively modern Arthurian legends include several faerie beings. Merlin, the boy with no human father, was surely half faerie. The name Morgan le Fay means Morgan the Faerie. Guinevere is thought by many to be of faerie origin, and of course the Lady of the Lake is faerie through and through. How else could she live in a lake?

Somehow, though Arthurian legends have remained quite popular for hundreds of years, and are a prime source of novel and film material even today, most people seem to be oblivious of the faerie references, just as they are also oblivious of the living faeries all around them. It seems that a veil has been pulled over our eyes, so we fail to see the obvious.

The fact is that faeries have not gone anywhere. They are still here making the flowers grow and the streams flow, carrying the energy of life to every living thing. What has changed is that we, for the most part, have forgotten them. Once, when we lived in a more agrarian setting, our lives depended on living in harmony with nature. We had to cooperate with the faeries to survive. Now most of us live in houses with wooden floors, electric or gas heating, hot and cold water piped in from somewhere we have never even seen, and window glass separating us from the elements. The only time most people even touch Mother Earth with their bare skin is when they are gardening or visiting a beach.

Our separation from the elements makes it difficult to connect with the faeries, because faeries are intimately connected with the elements. There are even faeries called Elementals. They are the faeries of earth, air, fire, and water, known as gnomes, sylphs, salamanders, and undines, respectively. Because these are very primal energies, they are not the easiest faeries for most humans to work with, but it is important for us to honor the four elements in order to keep them in balance within our own beings and in our world.

Too much fire or nuclear energy will dry, burn, and destroy life. As an interesting aside, I was surprised when the faeries told me that they actually like nuclear energy. They can use it to help plants grow. I did a little research on that and learned that, indeed, plants near the Chernobyl power plant actually grew bigger and faster after the accident. Of course, that doesn’t mean nuclear power is good for humans or animals!

We have recently seen the devastating results of too much water in Hurricane Sandy, and the tsunami that hit Japan. Of course air or earth were pretty active there as well. Huge earthquakes all over the world show us the effects of imbalance in the earth element. While we may see these events as horrible, nature and the faeries see them as ways to rebalance the elements, and also to balance the collective consciousness of all life, including human consciousness. Have you noticed that humans tend to be more loving after these disasters? That is a direct result of the rebalancing effects of nature. As people say, “There is a silver lining in every cloud!”

Once we are able to keep our elements in balance, including the fifth element known as ether or spirit, our ability to sense the faerie realm will be enhanced. It is perfectly natural for humans to perceive faeries and, if ancient legends are any indication, our ancestors have been doing it throughout recorded history. That means that everyone, including you, has the ability to sense faeries. I use the word “sense,” because everyone perceives faeries a bit differently.

Some people are able to see cute little human-like beings with wings, while others may hear tinkling bells, and others may feel a wave of wonder like a silent breeze going by. Faeries can appear like tall, beautiful, ethereal humans, or like glowing balls or sparkles of light. You may glimpse a face on a rock out of the corner of your eye, or see a green face high in a tree. But even if you don’t see anything (yet), learn to trust the feeling of faerie presence.

If you spend time in nature, you will surely begin to notice that some places simply have a faerie feel to them. Though faeries are everywhere, there are places they like to gather and those places vibrate with faerie energy. You may have felt something similar when entering a place where humans gather, like the hush of a cathedral, or the excitement of a sports stadium, even if nobody is there. Make conscious note of such experiences and you will soon notice that your ability to sense faeries is growing stronger. It’s the “use it or lose it” principle at work.

One very important element of faerie sensing is the use of imagination. Unfortunately, imagination has almost become a dirty word in our culture. As children, most of us heard the phrase, “It’s just your imagination,” as if that was ample reason to dismiss whatever we had experienced. That is one of the most dangerous fallacies of the modern world. We need our imaginations, even more than we need our logical minds, because logic can only get us to where we have already been! Imagination can take us anywhere and expand our horizons to the ends of the universe – if indeed the universe has ends.

Imagination is the doorway to the other worlds – and yes, there are other worlds besides the faerie realm, but right now we are not concerned with those. Once we open the door with our imagination, then the faeries can reach through to connect with us. Though, in another sense, they are already here and it is we who have forgotten how to sense them. Imagination is the key to opening our senses. Once we start imagining faeries all around us, the reality of the faerie realm can become apparent. Unfortunately, many people have been taught to mistrust their imagination, so we have to make a conscious decision to restore our original trust in the power of imagination if we want to enjoy consorting with the fae.

Are you ready? Just look out your window right now and imagine that every tree and leaf and flower is the physical body of a faerie being. Every breeze is alive and every brook is swimming with faeries. There is a faerie who oversees your backyard, a faerie of your neighborhood park, and even a freeway faerie. Some of them will be very friendly. Others will ignore you. Some may even be hostile, but if you respect their space and do not disturb them, they will leave you alone.

Friendly faeries are known for their pranks, so don’t be surprised if things in your house disappear for a while and then reappear right where you had looked for them. Your treasures might be returned faster if you leave gifts for your faerie friends. They like anything you make yourself from the bounty of nature. Some of their favorite things are butter, baked goods, shiny trinkets, and alcoholic drinks. They also seem to enjoy the faerie houses people make to hang in their gardens.

As with any friends, your relationship with the faeries will grow and deepen if you take time to recognize and enjoy their company. You will soon find that faeries have not gone away at all and, like our ancestors of yesteryear, you can interact with the faeries anytime you like.

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Bernadette Wulf is the Magical-Life Coach (, with nearly two decades of experience in the natural healing arts and life coaching. Bernadette combines Law of Attraction, EFT (emotional freedom techniques), Intuitive Insight, Reiki, Nutrition, and Naturopathy to provide her clients with a comprehensive holistic approach to restoring balance and harmony to Body, Mind, and Spirit.

She is a Reiki Master, Naturopath, EFT Therapist, and author of Money Magic! – 90 Days to Prosperity in YOUR Hands. With a passion for nature and all things natural, Bernadette has a special fondness for nature spirits and the faery realm, and occasionally teaches faery workshops. As founder and director of Faehallows School of Magic ( and creator of, Bernadette teaches Celtic Shamanic mystery wisdom and fosters awareness that faeries are among us.

Her bumper sticker reads, “Have a faery nice day!” Bernadette is also a visionary artist, mother, grandmother, and animal lover.