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3 Ways to Connect

Posted on Jun 22, 2014 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

3 Ways to Connect to Your Guardian Team



So much of our frustration and disappointment in life comes from living without a conscious connection to our personal Guardian team. Each one of us comes into life as the physical part of a spiritual team, and the more we connect with the Guardian Beings who make up our team, the more we express our full potential, and the more magical and fulfilling our life becomes.

Here are three ways you can begin to create a life-transforming relationship with your Guardians:

Number 1: Start the day by greeting and connecting with your Guardians

You can begin by inviting into your energetic space the Guardian Being with whom you already feel the greatest connection. Even if you’ve never tried to consciously communicate with a Guardian, choose the Guardian Being you’re most attracted to (angel, faery, unicorn, dragon, tree, etc.) and start with that being.

We’ll use the example of connecting with your Guardian Angel. Start by feeling Source energy flowing through your body and grounding down into the Guardian energy of the Earth. Set the intention for the highest good to come as a result of your relationship with your Guardians, then invite the energy of your Guardian Angel to come into your energy field. Spend a few minutes communing with this Guardian energy through your heart. (Even if you don’t feel anything much at first, continue this as a practice, and I believe you’ll begin to tune into the energy of your Guardian and feel its love and support enveloping you.)

Think of the things you’d like to experience throughout the coming day, and ask your Guardian Angel to help you bring them into being. Align your own vibration with the things you want to create by spending a few moments imagining yourself experiencing the day as you’d like it to unfold. Then thank your Guardian Angel with love, and remain within its energy throughout the day.

Number 2: Build an inter-dimensional bridge to make it easier to connect to your Guardians

We’re taught growing up that our imagination is only good for a) thinking up things to physically make, or b) playing make-believe or pretending. In truth, our imagination is the mechanism of creation. It creates things in energetic form that, with repeated strengthening through our attention, become very real.

When we choose to change our conscious state by sitting quietly and going within ourselves with the intention of connecting to spiritual guidance, we create the foundation upon which energetic structures for connecting to our Guardians can be built. It’s as simple as going within and creating a scene in which you meet a Guardian and commune with it, either through conversation or silent communication, or both. Then, every time you revisit this scene in your imagination, you strengthen the bridge between the realms, making it easier and easier to connect with your guardians and consciously create your life with them.

Number 3: Connect to the Guardian Energies in all things

Guardian energies are beings and patterns at the same time, and there is a Guardian Being for every relationship, place, and activity on earth. Tune in to the Guardian energy of the town or city where you live, and feel it holding the pattern for the best unfoldment of life within its boundaries. Thank it, and feel its love in your heart. Before you interact with another person, tune in to the Guardian Spirit of the relationship, and thank it for its presence. Before you undertake an activity, invite into your energetic space the Guardian Spirit of that activity. Ask to be enveloped in the perfect pattern it holds within it, and thank it with love.

The more you spend time with the practices above, the stronger your connection the Guardians will be, and the more magically your life will begin to unfold as you easily express more and more of your own joyful life propose, blessing the world with your presence and your light.

Note: To find out more about working with the Guardian Beings of places and activities, I highly recommend the book Working With Angels, Fairies And Nature Spirits by William Bloom.

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