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The Crystal Altar – Black Tourmaline

Posted on Oct 9, 2014 by in Guardian Gateway Crystal Altar | 0 comments

This month at the Guardian Gateway Black Tourmaline sits upon our virtual Crystal Altar.


I have a piece of Black Tourmaline that I’ve treasured and worked with for the past twelve years; it’s one of my very favorite stones, and I’m so happy to honor Black Tourmaline this month!


As with all stones, there are various properties and qualities associated with Black Tourmaline, but our intention is to create our own unique, living relationship with the energy and spirit of these beautiful stoneĀ beings.


With that in mind, I’ve created anĀ  invocation page to help you connect and come into balance with the energy of Black Tourmaline.


Guardian Gateway Crystal altar - Black Tourmaline for blog page graphic


Right-click here to download a Pdf version of the invocation


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