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Would you like your life to be easier, happier,
and more in alignment with your Soul Purpose?


Join us for this FREE event and learn
how to work with the high-vibrational
Guardian Beings who are here to help
uplift & improve every area of your life!

The Guardian Gateway Telesummit II is a free,
multi-speaker event that will show you how
to connect and work with the high-vibrational
Beings—Angels, Unicorns, Flower Spirits,
Dragons, Saints, Stone Beings, Merfolk, Animal Guardians, and more—who are guardians and
supporters of your gifts and soul purpose.


Together,we’ll create an energetic gateway for more people to connect to the Guardian energy that is SO wanting to help each one of us… and the world.

Register for FREE and learn how to work with the High-Vibrational Beings who are waiting to:

  • Bring solutions to your everyday problems

  • Assist you in everything you do

  • Give you the wisdom and support you need to live your best life

  • Help you discover and live your life purpose

  • Raise your vibration and improve what you attract into your experience

  • Assist you in manifesting your heart-based desires

  • And provide an unshakable support system!


Register and join us for:
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Sheelagh Newberry speaker graphic

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Heather and David speaker graphic


Judika speaker graphic

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And more!