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I am always looking for great articles
that bring people closer to their Guardians!

If you have an article about one of the Guardians:

  • Angels
  • Faeries
  • Unicorns
  • Dragons
  • Stone Beings
  • Merfolk
  • Tree and Plant Spirits
  • Animal Guides

please feel free to send it to me at

At this time, there is no minimum or maximum word count. Please send text only, and no images or graphics.

Please include a paragraph about you/you and your work, and a link back to your website, which I will happily post at the end of the article. (Please refrain from mentioning your work within the article itself, and instead tell us about it in the paragraph about you.)

I won’t be able to send an answer to every submission, but please know that I will read each one personally, and I truly appreciate your contribution. If I post your article, I will send you an email containing a link to your article.

Thank you in advance for being part of the Guardian Gateway!