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From Smadar:
My connection with the stone began when at a very young age, before I knew of their geological value, or their metaphysical properties. I was simply a child in deep connection with the Earth and her children. As an empath, I often felt overwhelmed by the noise of the conflicting feelings around me. The stone beings brought me the peace I so longed for. I “grew up” and left the stones behind with my childhood, along with a vital piece of my soul. That Soul spark was reignited in later years when I took a risk and trusted myself. I said yes to a feng shui consultation that was highly impractical and way out of my budget. The feng shui consultant mentioned “crystals” and something sparked inside me. I suddenly remembered how I spent much of my childhood with my hands on the earth digging to retrieve that which sparkled in the dark. I rediscovered my inner child and resumed my search for the stone beings. I was amazed to learn how many different types of crystals and stones the earth mother gifted us with. I wanted to experienced them all and I wanted to share their magic with everyone.

When I held the stones, time seemed to stand still and stories would emerge. Sometimes they were literally stories, sometimes guidance and teachings, sometimes poems. Each song was as unique as the crystal singing it forth, and each one held a message. I came to call these messages, “songs”. Song of Stones is more than just a place where wondrous stones gather for you to discover. It’s also a place where you can feel safe to express yourselves openly about the magic of these special beings.

That’s how Song of Stones was born and I’ve been sharing the crystals and their songs ever since. That was almost 20 years ago and I’m still discovering new and wondrous things through my connection with them.