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Shine Your Light With the Goddess Juno

Posted on Jun 22, 2014 by in The Goddess | 0 comments


June is the perfect time to welcome the goddess Juno into your heart and begin to form a partnership with Her that will support you in creating a life that reflects your own beauty and truth.


Juno is known as the Roman goddess of marriage and women, but when connecting with a goddess I try to look beyond the differing myths associated with Her story, and instead tap directly into Her energy, Her support, and Her love in a way that feels true for me.


In Juno’s case, that means welcoming into my life Her energies of radiant self-worth, wealth, abundance, leadership, and heart-based commitment. When we connect with Juno we align ourselves with the grace and beauty that supports us in honoring our own needs within the commitments we choose to create (such as marriage). When we honor our true selves, we free ourselves to fully express the gifts and talents that we were born to share with the world.


Known as the “Queen of Heaven,” Juno is the feminine spirit of inspiration, wisdom, and creativitythe genius residing within each one of us. The peacock is her symbolic animal.


If it feels right to you, you may begin to bring her into your life with this invocation, which you can use in the morning and evening.


Start by taking a deep breath and welcoming Source energy to fill your body and ground down into the Earth’s embrace. Feel a wave of Earth energy flowing up into your being, and tune in to the power of your heart, perfectly balanced within the worlds of spirit and form. Set the intention to align with the highest good for all.


juno invocation



















Click here to download your own Pdf version of this Juno Invocation


Connect with Juno’s energy every day and let it support you in living intentionally, according to what makes your heart shine. Focus on being your whole self, giving yourself permission to re-assess your commitments, then returning to the ones you choose to keep with renewed passion.


Get in touch with what you really want in your relationships, and give your true feelings a voice by focusing on creating more of what you love.


Make a temple for Juno within your heart, so that She may help you shine your powerful inner light out onto the world.




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