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Ronni Ann Hall, Designing Fairy, is a teaching designer/writer/illustrator who loves to teach about deepening our connection to our animals. Nature, and our spiritual selves in a creative and fun way through her stories and art. She’s been a practicing animal communicator/empath for 14 years and now mentors budding communicators. She teaches and created the international Fairy Online School of Psychic Communication and Fairy Healing, now seven years old with its own multi-media, illustrated lessons.

Some of her creations include helping fellow empaths with her Help! I’m Sensitive book series, sharing lessons from the Fairies through her Healing Fairy Alphabet calendar, and telling stories of the trees with her little teaching videos. Her background includes degrees in Art, Communication Design and Graduate work in Educational Media Design and Technology, alongside her training in mediumship, flower essences, and animal communication. She is also a proud dog, bird and turtle mom who lives in sunny AZ.