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Reconnect to Your Sacred Power

Posted on Nov 10, 2016 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Many of us around the world are shaken by the results of the U.S. election.

So I want to take a moment to help you reconnect with your own sacred power, and remind you that each one of us has chosen to incarnate at this time for a reason.



Right now, you can shine a light to open the way for a beautiful, powerful path to appear.


In this important time, I send you my love, and I thank you for your presence in the world.

I ask you to open yourself to the new wisdom and guidance coming to you from your higher self, and to work closely with your Spiritual Guardians and Allies.

Together, we can create a beautiful new future, no matter what is happening outside of us.



Focus now more than ever on what you want to create, and know that nothing has the power to keep you from expressing your own Soul Purpose.

Remember in the days to come to return to your center, call on your Guardians and Allies, and know in your heart that a beautiful, powerful new path is opening up for you, even if you can’t see it today.

This new path is already there, and it will become more and  more visible as you withdraw your energy from outside events and focus on the power of the light within you, as you renew your dedication to filling your world with your gifts and your love.

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