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The New Moon appears (again!) in Cancer on July 20, at 10:33 am Pacific Time. You can write your intentions at any time during the day, but the first 8 hours are thought to be the most powerful.

The New Moon is a powerful time when the Guardian energies of the Sun and Moon come together to support new beginnings. It’s the perfect time to write down intentions that match the true desires of your heart.

Write them in the way that feels best for you.

I like to phrase each intention in terms of bringing my creations to life with Love.

Here are some examples:

  • I choose to create and love having the right mate come into my life.

  • I choose to create and love having a healthy _____ pound body

  • I choose to create and love having $_______ in my bank account

It’s traditionally recommended that you write at least two and not more than ten each month.

As you do this, focus on creating a beautiful relationship with the moon. Align your wishes with expressing your soul purpose, and partner with the moon and sun in expressing all the beauty and life that is within you.

Use your own guidance, and have fun with this!


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