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My “new horizons” experience at the Fairy Congress

Posted on Jul 22, 2018 by in Uncategorized |

I wanted to share with you a bit more in-depth about something that happened during my visit to the Fairy and Human Relations Congress last month. When I first got the inspiration to speak at the event about connecting to Dragon Allies, I had a vision of Dragons flying into the valley to land in the beautiful Fairy Congress meadow I’d seen in pictures.


A few weeks before the event I checked the website to see where my workshop would be held, and I saw that it was scheduled for the “Pine Grove.” I’d been hoping for a more open space in which to welcome the Dragons, but I trusted that it would work out either way.


Then when I arrived at the event, I saw that the plans had changed. I was now scheduled to present in the “Song Temple,” a beautiful structure right out in the meadow!


The guided journeys I was using for the workshop came from my Dragons, Angels, & Unicorns program, and the first journey took place in a meadow. In the journey, you’re asked to go within into a beautiful meadow, then look up into the sky and see a Dragon Ally appear, getting closer and closer until it lands before you.


After guiding the participants to meet their Guardian Dragon in a beautiful meadow within, I asked everyone to stand up and step out of the structure into the actual meadow, where we continued to connect with the Dragon Allies who were so powerfully present. Here were the words I’d written years before, coming to life in 3-d reality! It was even bigger and better than I’d imagined because I was together with an awesome group of people, each one having their own experience of meeting their Guardian Dragon.



That’s my wish for you, to be tuned in to new, greater, more wonderful possibilities in your life.


As I write this, we’ve just finished week one of the Spiritual Path of Tarot Telesummit 4 – Tarot Horizons. On day one, I opened the event with my own presentation, and at the end of the presentation I led a guided journey to open to new horizons, taking participants inward to that same meadow.


Leading guided journeys is my favorite thing to do, and usually during an event I feel the energy of each participant having their own personal experience. But this time as I did the live call, I felt something brand-new.


It felt to me like we were experiencing an activation together, and that as we stepped forward together in the journey, we were literally entering a new realm—in the world, and in our lives.


I’ve left the presentation (including the guided journey) up for participants to hear throughout the event, and if you’d like to join me in crossing a new threshold (with the Guardian energies of Tarot supporting us) you can register here and listen for free.


We’ve got another whole week of life-enhancing calls to help us use the Tarot in fresh and exciting ways.


I’d love to have you join in, but either way, I’m wishing you continually broadening horizons in your life, starting today!


I’m thinking of you and wishing you Love and Abundance,