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Michelle Skye is the author of three books focusing on the feminine divine: Goddess Alive, Goddess Afoot, and Goddess Aloud. She has also written two children’s books: Harriet Tubman, Follow Your Star and Clara Barton, Angel of the Battlefield.

Michelle is also a healer, having attained the Master-Healer-Teacher level in the Shamballah Multi-Dimensional Healing System. She is a Unicorn Healing Energy Master-Teacher, a Merfolk Healing Energy Master-Teacher, and a Dove Real Beauty Self-Esteem Workshop Facilitator. She utilizes all of these energies, along with a healing drumming technique learned while in Shamanic Apprenticeship with a shaman of Cherokee ancestry, the love of the Goddess, and her connection to her spiritual guides, to help people realize their true potential and enjoy life to the fullest!