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Madeline Gerwick

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Good Timing Guide print edition

This easy-to-use guide provides daily cycles and timing information for many common business activities. Now you can know when to act, when to wait, what to expect, and how best to use your time. No knowledge of astrology is needed – the information you need is presented in a simple, at-a-glance, graphic format.
Besides the calendar, the Guide has 48 pages of text, to tell you how to use its timing information in your particular type of work. There’s also a quick-reference key on the inside covers.The Guide comes in a handy 5 1/2″ x 8″ spiral-bound format, so you can carry it with you or keep it handy on your desk.

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on the Good Timing Guide eBook

AVAILABLE NOW for instant download. The Online Good Timing Guide contains all the same pages and benefits as the printed Guide. In addition, it comes with the Daily Guide, which allows you to select any day of the year for any time zone. If you’re outside of North American time zones, then this edition will be best for you. The Daily Guide easily allows you to calculate the Time-Outs for any day and in any time zone around the world.
This Guide is also ideal for readers who prefer to print and carry one or two months at a time, instead of a printed book. You can easily slip those pages into a planner to carry them with you. You can download the Online Guide onto your computer, or you can login and check it online from any location. You can also print as many of the pages as you like. The pages are all pdfs and easily readable by all computers. This edition of the Guide saves trees and money.

2014PrintOnline-228x228 Click here to get a special price on the print
plus online edition of the Good Timing Guide

This combo package provides a great value to readers who always want to have access to a Guide, but not carry it with them. Leave the printed Guide at home or work and use the Online e-book Guide at the other location or wherever your computer or phone travels. This combo provides a major discount on the e-book. Both versions include all the information and benefits of the Good Timing Guide.

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Madeline C. Gerwick is an internationally recognized, business and personal astrologer, speaker and author. She has a BA degree with honors in economics, and she’s listed in several Who’s Who books, including Who’s Who in the World. She annually writes The Good Timing Guide: Time Codes for Success, and she’s a contributing author to the business anthology, Einstein’s Business: Engaging Soul, Imagination and Excellence in the Workplace. She also co-authored The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astrology, available from Penguin Group. She hosted her own radio show weekly (Cosmic Connections with Madeline) for more than five years and has taught prosperity training for the past twelve years. Her company, Polaris Business Guides, is a metaphysical, consulting and training firm which guides organizations and individuals to prosper by working in harmony with the Universe. Please visit her at or call her in Arlington WA, toll free at 877-524-8300.