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Lisa Allen Guardian Gateway Speaker graphic

Lisa Allen has studied Astrology since 1993, and became professional by the year 2000. She also uses other tools such as Tarot, Herbalism, Dowsing, Energy Healing and Flower Essences. Her flagship ability is the timing of events, sometimes down to the hour. She is able to switch during a session to the modalities needed immediately, and the goals of her consultations are always client empowerment and a shift toward solutions to our deepest concerns: health, wealth and love.

Click here to visit Lisa at to receive her free PDF Ebook, Pallas-Athena In Your Astrology Chart.

This Ebook is designed to guide you step-by-step to find the asteroid Pallas-Athena’s placement by sign and house in your birth chart, thereby discovering the ways that the archetypal energies of Pallas-Athena can be more deeply explored and implemented, as well as how these energies may play a role in your life already.