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Light up your heart with the Goddess Brigid

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This February at the Guardian Gateway we’ll be journeying within to connect with the energy of Brigid, the Celtic Hearth Mother.

Radiant and shining, Brigid keeps the fires within your heart lit and tended. You align with Her when you follow the path of creative inspiration, bringing the energy of what you love into physical form, and nurturing it. The more you align with Brigid’s fires of creative inspiration, the more your soul is fed and nourished. You call Her into your life by being a willing vessel for inspired creation and transformation.


Guided Inner Journey to Connect With the Energy of Brigid

If you’re in a safe place to do so, I’d like to invite you to close your eyes, and begin to relax.

Feel into your heart-space, and as you do, feel the all-loving presence of the Great Mother there, within your heart.

Feel Her restoring and renewing your heart, and allow yourself to feel truly safe.

Feel this Divine Feminine energy of safety spread into every part of your being.

Feel it filling your entire body, flowing through your feet and beaming down into the center of the earth.

At the center of the earth, feel the presence of a huge glowing crystal, filled with positive energy and love for you.

See the beam of Divine Feminine energy flow down into the crystal, harmonize with the energy there, and beam straight back up into you.

Feel this beautiful energy flow up through the soles of your feet, into your knees, up into your hips, your chest, your arms, your throat and your head.

Feel it filling your heart, and spreading out all around you…
and now feel it spread out to encompass the whole world.

See the whole planet held in a Space of safety.

Now come back to your own heart and from that heart space, open to connect with the Goddess in her many forms–She who is here to help you, She who loves you and She who knows who you truly are.

Stand inside the presence of the Great Mother, and allow your heart to connect to the energy of Brigid.

Feel the energy of Brigid coming to you in a wave of warmth and inspired action.

Your heart is rekindled as She enfolds you in Her nurturing energy.

You feel yourself receiving everything you need, everything you’ve been needing for so long.

You feel a new confidence and a new sense of worth.

You know that the things you create matter, and you are inspired to take creative action.

You know Brigid’s love will support you in tending to your creations, bringing them fully to life, and maintaining them as needed.

You feel the warmth of Her love tending to your own heart now, and spreading out to nourish those around you.

You make a space for Brigid’s sacred fire in your heart, and it warms you to your core.

Now come back slowly to your normal waking state, and answer this question for yourself: “How will I live differently today with the energy of Brigid inside me?”
Guardian gateway Brigid journal page morning

Click here to download your own Pdf version of this Journal page
Guardian Gateway Brigid journal page evening

Click here to download your own Pdf version of this Journal page

Creating New Patterns with Brigid

Say silently within yourself now:

Brigid’s love warms me, heals me, and supports me in every way. (Repeat three times.)

I am tended and cared for, within the sacred hearth of her love. (Repeat three times.)

I am one with the fires within, and I live in the flow of inspired action. (Repeat three times.)

Deepening the Connection
You may also want to create a collage or an altar to represent your connection to Brigid. You might use items or images relating to fire, motherhood, sunrise, the hearth, cows, shamrocks, healing, and inspiration.

You can call Her to you by singing her name, out loud or silently.

You can thank Her by continuing to create more of what you truly love.


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