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Friday, February 8, 1:00 PM Pacific Time

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Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney was blessed with the ability to experience direct personal connection with God, angels, and many spiritual beings. Known as “The Elevator to God,” Kimberly has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide open to God’s love, heal, and move forward on their soul paths.

Kimberly works with healers, mystics, coaches and people who feel a deep yearning for a personal connection with God and who feel called to greater service. Kimberly skillfully guides her clients to mine the territory of deep longing for the treasures of Soul Purpose, enhancing relationships and bringing priorities into sharper focus.
Kimberly has been described as a pioneer in the fields of angelology and spiritual transformation. By following inner guidance, this gifted mystic has authored a dozen books including bestselling Angel Blessings Cards, founded The Angel Ministry. Most recently, Kimberly launched the new Angel Reader Certification program and a new rosary for Children of Light of all faiths.