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How to Love Yourself & Be a Light in the World in 2017

Posted on Feb 24, 2017 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

When I hosted our nature spirits event a couple of years ago, I was struck by how many speakers mentioned that loving yourself was an important part of working with the energies of nature. Still, I (maybe you can relate?) put the idea on the back burner, while I dealt with all the other things going on in life.


But the events of 2016 really opened me up to the awareness of how important this “missing piece” is to us right now. I began to think of loving myself not in mental or psychological terms, but instead as a practice of engaging in the energy and life-force of Love in a new way.



I was inspired to develop some simple practices to place myself in a space of self-love, and they have had a huge impact on everything in my life.


I’m so happy to be able to share them with you now in my first-ever webinar!


During the webinar, you’ll learn simple, quick practices to create a personal space of love and power that uplifts you and everyone around you.


I’ll show you how to create a strong foundation of loving yourself that will support and empower you in being a powerful force for good in the world.



Register for your free spot now!

Sunday, March 5 at 11:00 am Pacific



Loving yourself creates a strong foundation from which to bring your true heart’s desires into being.


Loving yourself can be an antidote for the fears that block you. It brings you into alignment with the Guardian energies who are waiting to help you fulfill your soul Purpose.


Right now, you may be wanting to bring positive change to the world around you, either through the work you do, or through your way of “being” in the world.


Learning how to actively, consistently engage an energy of self-love will help you create a life of purpose and love, a life that fits who you truly are on a deep level.



Join us on the webinar where you’ll encounter:



3 LIVE experiences of loving yourself

that will create a lasting shift inside you


3 simple, yet life-changing practices

you can use to create a powerful space of Self-Love 



Click here to claim your place:

Sunday, March 5 at 11:00 am Pacific



I can’t wait to see you there!


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