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How Angels and Spirit Guides Communicate with You

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How Angels and Spirit Guides Communicate with You

By Robbie Holz

A loving celestial team is constantly protecting, guiding and assisting you. Using their help and wisdom makes your life much easier, joyful and fulfilling. The more you understand how they communicate with you, the easier it is to follow their guidance.

Here are a few of the ways your heavenly team may convey their messages to you:
1. Finding specific objects like feathers or coins, feeling a spontaneous gentle breeze, receiving an unattended phone call are just a few ways they signal their presence and say “Hello.”
2. Computer glitches, a broken pen, a dropped phone call are different ways your team may interrupt the timing or redirect you.
3. Dreams are frequently used to communicate messages.
4. You trip, sneeze, drop something or are startled by a loud noise, these are all ways your guides deliberately get your attention.
5. Your intuition, sixth sense, gut instinct is your ‘internal compass’ and one of the main ways your guides and soul communicate to you.
6. Recurring birds, animals or objects in nature may convey a message. Refer to Animal Speak or Nature-Speak by Ted Andrews for clarification of animals and nature symbolism.
7. Thoughts when you awaken during the night or when you first arouse in the morning are predominantly guidance from your celestial team.
8. Numbers on a clock when suddenly awakened or recurring numbers may be messages. Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue is a good reference for interpreting their meaning.
9. Random answers popping into your head from prior questions are usually from your team.
10. Coincidences, serendipity or synchronicity are often the work of your celestial team.
11. Song lyrics spontaneously playing in your head may be guidance from your guides.
12. Muscle testing, dowsing or using a pendulum can help provide direction from your guides.
13. ‘Aha’ moments are often placed in your mind by your angels or soul.
14. The first instantaneous thought to your question is usually directly from your guides. The second or third thoughts are frequently from your now-engaged mind.
15. Ringing in your ears or tingling in your body, when not caused by a medical condition, is often used like a pager system by your angels to signal ‘Hi.’
16. Recurring thoughts or a repeated suggestion from different sources is likely prompted by your guides.
17. Automatic writing is another way to get answers from your team. Ask your question and write in longhand as fast as you can with no direction.
18. Meditation or quieting the busy mind makes it easier to feel or sense their guidance. (See “Quick & Easy Ways to Meditate” at
Once you start raising awareness of your angelic team, you will notice their messages all around you. They will always respond to your requests. Be patient since they will give you only what you need to know in each moment. Send them gratitude often for their help.
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robbie holz

Robbie Holz is an international speaker, mind/body/spirit consultant and co-author of the multiple award-winning book Journey to the Heart: Secrets of Aboriginal Healing.

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