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Heather Woodward is an author, a clairvoyant, radio personality and a psychometrist. Since 1996, she has performed tarot readings, paranormal investigations and psychic profiling – helping others with her born-given gifts for over 15 years. She owns The Psychic Connection, a website where other psychics offer live phone, chat, email and video readings. Also, Heather teaches tarot, psychic development and gives practical tips on how to become a professional tarot reader or metaphysical practitioner. She has taught psychic development at Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona and through her own workshops and seminars.

Heather is the author of Ghosts of Central Arizona and Haunted Hot Spots of Arizona, books about her personal experiences in the some of the most haunted and supernatural locations in Tucson, Sedona, Jerome, Cottonwood and surrounding areas. Heather produced, edited and directed the paranormal documentary, Dead House, which regularly hits the Top 20 Best Selling DVD Rank on Amazon in the Supernatural category. Dead House is about a haunted house with a chilling history of witchcraft located La Conchita, California. The film was featured at the 2008 Dead of Winter Festival, hosted by Troy Taylor. Also, she has written and produced features and shorts for Flight in the Eye Productions, a film production company based in Tucson, Arizona. Since 2007, Heather hosts The Psychic Connection Radio, a weekly radio show on BlogTalk Radio exploring such topics as psychic development, tarot, witchcraft, spirituality, and the supernatural for five years. The show was syndicated in Tucson, Arizona from 2011-2012. She also hosts The Psychic Connection Television with her two sisters on Googles on Air Hangouts. It’s a weekly video show where the three women talk about metaphysical, esoteric and paranormal topics.