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Heather Rodriguez & David Caren

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Rev. Heather Kim Rodriguez
Heather is a trained Spiritualist Medium, Clairvoyant, Reiki Master/Teacher, Cranio-Sacral/Somato Emotional Release Therapist, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Trance Channel and Healing Medium.
As a child Medium raised in a Christian home, she was familiar with the Spirit Guidance and Divine Protection she was taught by the church, but found limited resources there to guide her through more extreme Spirit or Psychic Phenomena she was experiencing like; encounters with Earthbound Spirits, Mediumistic Dream Messaging, seeing Auras, sensing and feeling other’s emotions and physical pains, Past Life Recall and Out-Of-Body Experiences. As a result, at age 12, she quietly began researching Dream-Work, Parapsychology, Mythology, Paranormal Phenomena and Comparative Religion; on a quest to control and understand her gifts.
Now, a lifetime scholar and expert in the field of Metaphysics, Spirit Rescue and Transition, Comparative Religion, Theology, Dream Interpretation and Mythology, she is passionate about helping others understand and control their gifts. She is also the author of Goddess Unchained, is working on her two forthcoming books; Pathways To Ascension and The Medium’s Survival Guide and is pursuing Doctoral Studies in Natural Healing and Transpersonal Psychology.
A professional singer for 20 years; Heather was suddenly struck with the incurable vocal disorder Spasmodic Dysphonia after a devastating emotional trauma. Told by traditional medical experts that there was no cure, she refused to give in and began pursuing alternative methods. This journey of a lifetime led to the total recovery and miraculous healing of her voice; and planted her firmly on her path to reclaiming and developing her Psychic & Mediumistic gifts as well as discovering her abilities as a Healing Medium and a passion and gift for facilitating the healing of others.

Rev. David Caren
David is a Master Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Cranio-Sacral/Somato Emotional Release Therapist, Life Coach, Clairsentient, Conscious Channel and Healing Medium.
As a child, David’s ability to be a Conscious Channel would spontaneously manifest while speaking to family members. It seemed natural to channel spirit messages so he never questioned that it was anything “out of the ordinary”. When he was a young teen, he had a frightening Near-Death Experience which served as a Shamanic Opening that accelerated his gifts as a Medium but burdened him with questions and fear which were compounded by the unexpected, tragic death of his brother a few years later. At this point, he was catapulted into years of depression and trial as he struggled to reconcile his gifts while overcoming grief. Through this dark time, he was guided to The Japanese Healing Art of Reiki. This discovery helped him reconcile his gifts and release grief while awakening him to his calling to be a guide for others who struggle through emotions that block them from fully engaging in a joyous life.
This quest also sparked his interest in Hypnotherapy to discover methods of accessing deep levels of the subconscious for Healing. As a result, David is now expert in guiding others to find, resolve and release deep levels of fear hidden in the subconscious mind. Because of his interest in the effects of Primal Brain Response in human behavior, he is currently working on a book based on his methods to overcome primitive urges when it is contrary to one’s higher desires. He is also completing Doctoral work in Metaphysics and Psychology.
David’s journey brought him to Las Vegas where he met his wife and business partner, Heather Rodriguez. They merged their two Healing Practices in 2008 to create Zen Rose Garden.