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Guardian Planets of Astrology Telesummit Recordings Offer

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Would you like to discover how the planets and asteroids can act as a Guardian presence in your life, helping you to unlock your divine potential?


Get your own set of recordings from the Guardian Planets of Astrology Telesummit at a limited-time discount price!

The Guardian Planets of Astrology Telesummit
is a multi-speaker event that shows
you how to relate to the powerful energies
of the planets and other celestial bodies in
a way that empowers and enlivens you!


You’ll learn how creating a new relationship with the Guardian energies of the planets can help you:

  • access support & guidance

  • discover & make the most of your personal strengths

  • create balance in your life & your activities

  • get in sync with the timing that’s right for you


    Together, we’ll create an energetic gateway
    for the Guardian energies of the planets to
    partner with us as we travel our Soul’s Path.

    Join us as we meet the Planets
    and other celestial bodies in a new way:
    Gregory Scott Speaker Graphic Guardian Gateway
    Yasmin Boland speaker graphic

    Mark Jones Guardian Gateway speaker graphic
    Donna Woodwell Guardian Gateway speaker graphic

    Stephanie Azaria Guardian gateway speaker graphic

    Cayelin Castell speaker graphic

    Lisa Allen Guardian Gateway Speaker graphic
    Jodie Cara Lindley guardian gateway speaker graphic

    Steve Judd Guardian Gateway Speaker Graphic

    Madeline gerwick speaker graphic

    Nadiya Shah Guardian GAteway Speaker graphic

    Kelly Surtees Guardian Gateway speaker graphic

    Jean Wiley Guardian Gateway speaker graphic

    Kathy Biehl guardian gateway speaker graphic

    Lesley Francis Guardian Gateway speaker Graphic
    Annie Botticelli Guardian Gateway speaker Graphic

    Kathy Kerston Guardian Gateway speaker Graphic
    Deva Green Guardian Gateway speaker graphic
    Jessica shepherd Guardian Gateway speaker graphic

    Kim Wilborn Guardian Gateway Speaker Graphic


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    Own mp3 recordings of all the calls PLUS powerful bonuses
    that will help you experience the wisdom & magic of The Guardian Planets of Astrology Telesummit in a deeper, ongoing way!

    astrology tier one

    PLUS These Bonuses!

    Astrology Journal bonus with drop shadow


    A special bonus!
    Astrology telesummit meditations ad

    All the meditations from every call set to music!


    could this be magic graphic

    Could This Be Magic?

    by Kathy Kerston

    Enter the realm of Alchemy using Venus “The Alchemic Goddess” and Neptune “The Miracle Maker.” Tap into the magic that these planets offer when we open ourselves to their gifts with. Includes introduction audio, tapping session audio, and tapping points chart.


     venus return graphic-Cayelin

    Introducing the Venus Cycle
    And the Importance of the Eight-Year Return 10-Page PDF
    By Cayelin Castell

    This information will help you understand the Venus Cycle, its importance to our collective consciousness, and how it relates to our personal and collective initiation cycles of Venus. Includes a table to hep you find your own Venus Overtone.



    donna woodwell bonus

    Astral Allies
    How to Invoke your Special Helpers from the Star, Plant & Mineral Kingdoms

    by Donna Woodwell

    In ancient times, the planets and stars were honored as sky spirits, astral allies who would aid beings on Earth. As agents in a cosmic drama, each planet claimed earthly items which would enable it to express its essential nature. We can work with these relationships to co-create powerful change in our own lives. Two-page pdf.



    image001 (3)

    Boost Your Business MP3

    From Madeline Gerwick
    & Polaris Business Guides

    Are you’re tired of doing business the same way and not getting results? Then this is the class you want! Ninety minutes of overview information about new ways to do business easily and effortlessly. Are you ready to give up the constant effort it takes to make things happen? Find out how these new tools allow you to attract the perfect solutions to your business effortlessly and in far less time than you can even hope to achieve the same results using your present methods. Taught by 4 Polaris Guides, the class covers:
    ~Using the new millennium energy
    ~Feng shui for abundance
    ~Good timing for successful business
    ~Four steps to magnetize your goals to you
    ~Creative power meditation for business
    These are the same tools Polaris uses to create miracles weekly and even daily. We have brought in everything from many thousands of dollars for funding, an incredible phone system, our webmaster, national publicist and more with a few minutes of time instead of days, weeks, or months. Discover how you can partner with the Universe to co-create your goals more easily.
    MP3 audio download. 90 min.



    deva green bonus

    Pluto in Aries/1st house
    mp3 class recording
    By Deva Green

    The class reviews the Aries archetype, the meaning of Pluto from an evolutionary perspective, and core evolutionary intentions of Pluto in Aries/1st house using case studies.



    Exploring Your Dreams Video
    By Jean Wiley

    ~Everyone dreams every night (barring a physiological issue) –approximately 100 minutes per night during the THETA sleep cycle where the Rapid Eye Movement or REM cycle happens. By the age of 70 you have dreamed approximately 51,100 hours!!

    ~Pictorial language represents the world of instincts. This difference is between our controlled thoughts in waking life and the wealth of imagery produced in dreams. This language has so much emotional energy that we are forced to pay attention to it.Dream Symbols, Interpretations and Physiology of Dreaming.

    The upgrade package download page will contain a link to this private video.




    lesley pdf cover

    2014: The Year Ahead PDF
    Including General Outlook; Overview of Astrological Trends; & Key Dates for 2014

    by Lesley Francis



    Clarity and Inner Knowing Subliminal Audio

    by Annie Botticelli

    With the sounds of Tranquil Waterfall. This audio can help create new levels of Clarity & Inner Knowing. Enjoy the sound of flowing water as you positively, permanently, and powerfully build new neuronal pathways in your brain, creating new and wonderful experience.


    Easing Transitions graphic small

    Easing Transitions Audio

    by Kathy Biehl

    Review your life, let go of the past and explore the future in this relaxing but insight-provoking guided visualization. It presents Saturn and Uranus as archetypes of structure and change who can assist you through any time of transition.




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