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Would you like to feel balanced,
whole, and supported in every way?


Join us for this FREE event!

The Embrace the Goddess Telesummit is a FREE
multi-speaker event that will show you how to bring the
Divine Feminine Presence into every area of your life.

You’ll learn how to create a personal relationship with the Goddess in her many forms—a relationship that will:

  • support you in being who you are meant to be

    • help you live your soul purpose

      • show you how to live fully in every area of your life!


      Together, we’ll create an energetic gateway for more people
      to connect to the Divine Feminine energy that has always
      been here, supporting each one of us—and our world.


      Embrace the missing piece of your life—
      embrace the Goddess!

      The Embrace the Goddess Telesummit runs from May 6-17 with 20 speakers
      and two calls per day, Monday throguh Friday, at 10:00 am Pacific Daylight Time
      and 1:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time PLUS 48-hour free replays.

      Join us and experience:

      Lisa Michaels
      Anyaa McAndrew
      Raven Many Voices
      Heather Rodriguez
      Deb Swingholm
      Laura amazzone
      Lisa Michaels

      Event Format

      from May 6 through May 17