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Free Unicorn Allies Call with Calista

Posted on May 19, 2018 by in Uncategorized |


Join us for a magical hour into the realm of Magic and Miracles where you’ll discover how partnering with Unicorns can help you live the extraordinary life you deserve.


In honor of her brand-new book Unicorn Rising, our beautiful friend Calista, Hay House Author and International Teacher of Ascension held a free Unicorn call that you can access via the replay here!



• Why Unicorns Are Appearing Everywhere

• What Type of Unicorn You’re Connected With

• How to Connect with Your Unicorn Guides to Know and Live Your Soul’s Purpose

• Five Tops Tips for Unicorn Communication


About the Book:

Unicorn Rising is an empowering guide on reconnecting with your true Self and ascending with the Unicorns.


Do you see Unicorns appearing more and more in modern culture?  

Have you noticed the trend for unicorn cakes? Unicorn stationery? Unicorn homeware? Yes, we have too! Well there’s a reason for this… the Light of the unicorns is coming through right now and Calista’s Unicorn Rising is here to help you expand your vibration and start living our best life!


From early childhood, Calista was often surrounded by nature and was brought up in a spiritual family home. But growing up, Calista’s focus turned to science and she later spent years as a scientist working in the pharmaceutical industry. But working in this industry left her disillusioned, prompting Calsita to make some radical changes… After a strong spiritual awakening which prompted her to emerge herself into alternative healing and reiki, Calista embarked on a different journey and now helps others to reconnect with their higher self as an energy healer by working with Unicorns – a figure of hope for many!


In this book, healer and intuitive Calista explains what the Light of the Unicorns symbolises,why it is appearing strongly at this time and what the Unicorns can help you with. This includes:

– accepting, expressing and celebrating your authentic personality.
– having fun, standing strong and expressing yourself freely.
– raising your standards in every area of your life and never settling for less.


Unicorn Rising escorts the reader into their soul with ways to live their path, power and purpose. Fun, enthralling and original, this book weaves relatable stories of breakthrough, with transformational attunements and exercises.


Gain deeper clarity on your unique path and purpose, while feeling empowered to make the changes necessary to live a fulfilling life with this practical book: Unicorn Rising!


Click here to pre-order Unicorn Rising!