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Free Meditation Practice Call With Theolyn Cortens

Posted on Aug 31, 2017 by in Uncategorized |


Our friend Theolyn Cortens is here
to support us in our meditation practice!


Theolyn Cortens began her personal meditation journey as a teenager – over half a century ago! She is known in the UK as an academic expert in angel research.


Her mystical experiences and direct communications with angels and other world guides have inspired her to create courses and training for light workers, angel seekers and healers around the world.


Meditation is an important part of the work Theolyn does, and she was recntly with me for a FREE call to share her meditation wisdom with us.


FREE CALL: Why meditation is essential for light workers, angel seekers, and healers


  • How powerful meditation practice will take you directly to the golden light of Divine Source

  • How regular communion with Divine Source accelerates your light vibration

  • How accelerating your light vibration will enliven healing for your family and clients



Listen to the Replay here!


Theolyn has 2 Free gifts for you:

Click here for the FREE video series:
Seven Things Everyone Should Know About Meditation


Click here for the FREE ebook:
Seven Things Everyone Should Know About Meditation


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