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Get your own set of The Crystal & Stone Guardians Telesummit recordings!


You’ll experience:

(Note: the dates refer to the original live event!)

guardian gtaeway naisha
Guardian Gateway Ashley Leavy
Guardian Gateway Loirdes Lebron and Tara Mideaker
Guardian gateway Joy Gardner
Guardian gateway twintreess
Guardian Gateway Calista
Guardian gateway Smadar Lorie
Christa Burka Speaker Graphic
Guardian Gateway Herb Stevenson
Guardian Gateway Caroline Jalango
Guardian Gateway Charles McAlpine
Guardian gateway Stephanie
Guardian gateway Joy Gardner
Guardian Gateway Brenda Durbin
Guardian gateway Lauren D'Silva
Guardian Gateway Michelle Phillips
Guardian Gateway Evergreen Amundson
Guardian Gateway Danna Weiss
Guardian Gateway Leela Hutchison
Guardian Gateway Kim Wilborn

You’ll get:

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Experience the wisdom, insight, guided meditations, practical tools, & magical energy of the The Crystal & Stone Guardians Telesummit over and over with downloadable MP3 recordings of every call!


PLUS These Bonuses!

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All the meditations
from the calls set to music!

lightstonecover (1)

Lightstone Awakenings
Meditation Mp3

By Naisha Ahsian

The Lightstone Awakenings meditation is used with any stone to help awaken your energy to work with its frequency, and to make initial contact with the Crystal Ally of that stone.


Lightstone Initiation
Meditation Mp3

By Naisha Ahsian

The Lightstone Initiation meditation is a guided meditation to help you connect with and attune to the crystalline light grid of the planet.


Color and Crystals - Joy Gardner

Color and Crystals
A Journey Through the Chakras

By Joy Gardner

The complete book in Pdf format!



Song of stones pdf

Special Song from Song of Stones

By Smadar Lorie

5-Page Pdf



Crystal Journey Meditation Exercise CD

Crystal Journey Meditation

By Ashley Leavy

This 12-minute+ guided meditation exercise helps you to connect with the energy of your chosen crystal and access information from your guides abut the healing properties of the stone.

Crystal Properties at a glance

Crystal Properties at a Glance Pdf

By Charles McAlpine

For those who resonate with the mineral kingdom, crystals can be powerful companions and tools for self-exploration and discovery. Use this chart to identify potential properties of some of the more common crystals available. Symbols representing the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional or Physical Energy Bodies have been included as suggested ways to energetically align with the various crystals.


awaken atlantis cover cd to use-500x500

Awaken to Atlantis
Guided Meditation MP3

By Calista

Awaken to Atlantis is a special journey that will take you back to a time of Heaven upon Earth! Woven into this beautiful meditation are sound and light frequencies that draw from the Divine priesthood of Atlantis to support to wellness, oneness, and embodiment of Divine Love. Ideal to practice often for those you are ready to rise up and be the change they wish to see. Receive Crystal Healing as it was shared during this time of heaven upon earth. Discover your planet of origin, connect to your Soul family, Guides and Angels, deepen your crystalline awareness and attune to All that is. Set to Binaural Theta Tones of 5 Hertz for the ultimate in relaxation and whole being connection. Meditation length – 38 min.

golden ascension

Golden Ascension
Guided Meditation Mp3

By Michelle Phillips

This meditation will assist you in embracing the ascension energies and pulling them into your life. By bringing these energies in, we also invite in the Abundance that is our natural state. Once we have learned to hold these energies in our lives, we will radiate them outwards to assist the highest good of us all. We will go through this brand new meditation together, step by step, raising our vibrational level and moving into the energies that we all came into this world to emanate. After the meditation ends, I will leave you with some affirmations to assist you in remembering or remaining aware of the energies that are now a part of you. I hope you will join me in this powerful meditation!

crystal and feather small

Earth Wisdom Elements Mp3

By Evergreen Amundson

Crystals are made of the four elementals, fire, water, earth, and air. These four Earth Wisdom Elements are also active and dancing within you. When you come into understanding and relationship with these four elementals, you are able to use their power and wisdom to create abundance and balance in all areas of your life.


Badger and Garnet

Journey to Meet Your Power Animal with Badger and Garnet Mp3

By Brenda Durbin


Orgonite Puck instructions

Directions for Making an Orgonite Puck Pdf

By Stephanie Arnold




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