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“It’s time to throw open the doors and shine more light into the world,” says Donna Woodwell. “Every one of us is needed.”

Donna’s a catalyst for those who want to experience more passion, purpose, abundance and joy. Blending astrology, practical wisdom and metaphysical skills, she shows others how to tap into their unique genius to find creative strategies for living soulfully in a modern world.

In addition to her consulting practice at Four Moons Astrology, Donna’s an instructor at Kepler College, host of the internet radio show Dead Astrologers Society and a columnist/blogger on

Her journey has taken her to unexpected places. In addition to astrology, Donna has received metaphysical training in Western, Eastern and indigenous philosophies. She is a certified hypnotist, an Initiate of a magical Hermetic order, an experienced shamanic dreamer, and a master practitioner of Usui Reiki.

Donna loves to splash and play and build community. After founding the local astrology group in Austin, Texas, she served as a board member on two of the world’s largest astrology associations — the International Society for Astrological Research and the National Council for Geocosmic Research.

On her website, Donna offers more than 12 hours of free talks on how get to know all of the visible planets, as your friends and allies. A great way to either learn astrology or deepen your practice.

Go to

to access the recordings and find out more about her special telesummit offer: $100 “Encounter your Guardian Planet” Sessions (33% savings). Using the 2000-year-old techniques of the ancient Greek astrologers, Donna helps you identify your personal guiding planet(s), and offer ways for how you can work with that planet more directly in your life.