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Thank you so much for being part of the club!

I’m so glad you have been with me
for my first club experience!

Due to continuing problems processing the monthly payments, I have to discontinue the club for now, but I’m posting some of my favorites goodies here for you to have as my gift.

I will continue our private Facebook page, and I’ll be trying out a new platform this summer that might enable me to re-start the Club sometime in the future.

I have SO appreciated having each and every one
of you as members, and I hope you’ll continue
to stay in close touch with me. I will leave this page up throughout June.

I have some fun things planned for our
Guardian Gateway community this Summer and Fall!

Below you’ll find my gifts to you:

Power Visualization Audio Program

The five-minute Power Visualization audio guides you through five short, one-minute visualizations to transform the most important elements of your life: your body, your home, your relationships, your work, and your finances.

The power of devoting just five minutes a day to this process will amaze you!

Also included in the audio program a 15-minute audio that guides you through a slightly longer visualization process with 3 minutes devoted to each subject. Use this audio when you have more time to devote to your visualization practice.

The program includes an introduction with complete explanation and instructions so that you can get the most out of your Power Visualization Audio Program.
to download the introduction
to download the 5-minute version
to download the 15- minute version




Trust Yourself Coaching Audio
to download the Trust Yourself audio


I will leave May’s Club up in case you missed it:

Here is your Replay:


alternate player:

ggfacebook club
to access our private Facebook page
I hope we’ll be together on this journey for a long time to come. And as always, I’m wishing you love and abundance!