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Celtic Tree Guardian – Vine

Posted on Sep 4, 2014 by in Tree Guardians | 0 comments

This week at the Guardian Gateway we’re connecting with the spirit of the Vine. The Vine creates an intimate relationship with every structure on which it grows.


The Vine weaves itself joyfully into existing forms, and as it does, it creates cause for celebration.



In the Celtic Tree Calendar, The Vine is honored in September, and now is a good time to take stock of where you are on your personal journey, and find a place of balance between the dark and light in your life.

This is a time of harvest, a time of allowing yourself to receive and integrate the fruits of your labors.



I’ve created a journal page for you below. You can print it and write out your musings, or just take some quiet time and ask yourself the questions.

Start by getting quiet in a safe place. Allow yourself to feel a beautiful beam of Source energy entering through the top of your head. Let this energy flow down into your body, into every part of your being.

Feel it filling your entire body, flowing through your feet and beaming down into the center of the earth. At the center of the earth, feel the presence of a huge glowing crystal, filled with positive energy and love for you.

See the beam of Source energy flow down into the crystal, harmonize with the energy there, and beam straight back up into you.

Feel this beautiful energy flow up through the soles of your feet, into your knees, up into your hips, your chest, your arms, your throat and your head. Feel it filling your heart, and spreading out all around you…and now feel it spread out to encompass the whole world.

See the whole planet held in a Space of safety.

Feel the love from your own heart flow out and take shape around you. See yourself creating more and more of what you love in your life. Feel the earth’s love supporting you in bringing your divine gifts into physical form.

Now come back to your own heart, and from that heart space, open to connect with the Guardian energies of the  Vine. Feel yourself firmly rooted into the ground, perfectly poised between Earth and Sky, able to fully absorb the gifts of your environment and use them to grow.

Feel yourself growing and expanding in wonderful ways, staying true to your own nature even as you use outside structures to climb upon.

Recognize the blessings you bring forth and bestow upon the world as you grow, and allow yourself to be nourished and sustained by these same blessings.

Connect to the Guardian energy of the Vine for as long as you like, absorbing its love, and
giving it your love in return.


When you feel ready, ask yourself these questions:

Celtic Tree Guardian Vine Journal Page

Click here to download your own Pdf version of this Journal page



Consider taking some time every day this week to connect to the spirit of the Vine, asking it to support you in celebrating life as you expand into your fullest self.




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