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Celtic Tree Guardian – Oak

Posted on Jun 30, 2014 by in Tree Guardians | 21 comments

This week at the Guardian Gateway we’re connecting with the spirit of the Oak. All trees are Guardians and the Oak is one of the most sacred, offering strength, stability, wisdom, and power to all who connect with it.

It grows over hundreds of years from a tiny acorn into a large tree. During this time it weathers whatever storms it faces and continues to grow and expand, relying on its massive root system for stability and sustenance.

So it is that the Oak can support you in weathering life’s storms and emerging from them as an ever-expanding, truer version of yourself.


The Oak is traditionally honored as a Doorway, and it can help give you the courage and strength you need to step through new doorways into an expanded life. You can call on Oak’s energy to help you create and manifest a life that’s in alignment with your own Divine Blueprint.

I like to imagine a huge Oak standing in the center of my home, with branches reaching out above the roof, and roots spreading deeply down into the Earth. I remind myself of its presence right before I go to sleep at night. This is one way you can begin to bring the powerful presence of the Oak into your daily life.

If there is an Oak tree in your neighborhood, spend some time visiting and creating a relationship with it. Sit for a while with your spine up against its trunk, if possible.



In the Celtic Tree Calendar, the Oak is honored midway through the year, and now is a good time to review and renew your heart-based visions for this year. I’ve created a journal page for you below. You can print it and write out your musings, or just take some quiet time and ask yourself the questions.

Start by getting quiet in a safe place. Allow yourself to feel a beautiful beam of Source energy entering through the top of your head. Let this energy flow down into your body, into every part of your being.
Feel it filling your entire body, flowing through your feet and beaming down into the center of the earth. At the center of the earth, feel the presence of a huge glowing crystal, filled with positive energy and love for you. See the beam of Source energy flow down into the crystal, harmonize with the energy there, and beam straight back up into you.

Feel this beautiful energy flow up through the soles of your feet, into your knees, up into your hips, your chest, your arms, your throat and your head. Feel it filling your heart, and spreading out all around you…and now feel it spread out to encompass the whole world.

See the whole planet held in a Space of safety.

Feel the love from your own heart flow out and take shape around you. See yourself creating more and more of what you love in your life. Feel the earth’s love supporting you in bringing your divine gifts into physical form.

Now come back to your own heart, and from that heart space, open to connect with the Guardian energies of the Oak. Feel yourself sitting in the shade of a majestic old Oak tree. Feel the support of its trunk against your back, and feel the energy of its roots spreading far and wide beneath you.

Sit in its presence for as
long as you like, absorbing its love, and
giving it your love in return.

When you feel ready, ask yourself these questions:

Guardian Gateway Celtic Tree Guardian Journal Page - Oak

Click here to download your own Pdf version of this Journal page

Consider taking some time every day this week to connect to the spirit of the Oak, asking it to clear you of anything that’s holding you back from being your fullest self.

Today in preparation for writing this post I visited an Oak tree in my neighborhood. As I stood with it, touching its leaves with my fingers, I asked it what message it wanted me to convey. The answer I received was a wave of Love and Peace. So that’s what I leave you with today, the reminder that you can connect with the Oak and receive that love and peace today and every day.



  1. Thanks, this is beautiful! I have too have been connecting and communicating with the tress here. I don’t have any oaks close by but lots of magnificent pine trees. They feel like they are offering Doorways too, I wonder what their special significance is now that I am reading how beautifully you have described the Oak and their offerings? Tree love <3

    • It’s awesome to hear that you’ve been connecting with Pines, Adriel! There is a Himalayan Cedar Pine in my neighborhood that is so magical, I walk by it every day just to be in its presence. I’ve read that it is considered a divine tree among Hindus.

  2. So beautiful–thank you! I have been exploring a similar practice. Connecting with trees is truly amazing.

  3. Isn’t it?! It adds such a rich dimension to our lives when we create a heart-connection with them! And it’s great to connect with you too, thanks for taking the time to comment!

  4. What a truly lovely article to read just before going to bed. Thank you so much for writing this it is so very comforting.

    • Thank you, Annie! It IS a comforting energy to take with us into sleep, isn’t it?

  5. Thank you for that it is truly beautiful and I truly appreciate the words and the connection of the oaks growth being the same as our on a spiritual path.I had just mentioned to a friend today to go hug a tree and experience the feeling and then received your email .Thank you

    • We’re in sync, Morag! Thanks so much for taking the time to share that with us!

  6. Just standing in a small grove away from hustle and bustle the generosity of this tree rains down blessing the breezes and humans breathing in such goodness…..thanks Kim for your sharing of such wisdom….

  7. Beautiful–thank you Linda!

  8. Thank you so much for this beautiful article Kim. I have noticed a calling over the last 8 months to the power of trees. I even feel there energy through photo’s. Thank you for the meditation. <3 I shall seek out an Oak tree blessings.

    • How wonderful, I am so happy tp hear it, Donna-Cherie!

  9. Wonderful meditations, as usual, Kim! Trees befriended myself as a child in a difficult childhood, and have guided me throughout my life, very powerfully on occasions. Very wise, and can be playful too; they need us, too, to stand up for them. Best wishes.

    • I love hearing about how the trees befriended you Anna, it’s a very powerful thing, isn’t it?

  10. Just saw a movie and the oak untwisted itself and an opening appeared… when they walked through it they disappeared and entered their new life… then I read this and learn where the creator of the film must have been coming from… thank you

    my home is under a huge oak… the city has come out and put supports under some of it branches to help support the branches… I am in awe over the tree… the groves in its trunk are so deep and there are ferns growing out of it’s limbs.

    • How awesome that you live so near such an amazing Oak, Doris!

  11. Wonderful new look here Kim! Wow, have you thought about an Ogham-based Telesummit? I love the Celtic tree energy archetypes and this could even be inclusive of what could be the Irish, Welsh, Scottish or Cornish Pantheons too! The Norse Runes could be fun too, in a different way! 🙂

    • Nice idea, Lisa. It’s great to hear from you!

  12. I so love the Oak, I had one growing un my back garden, there is one nextdoor, and we have many in our neighbourhood. I have oak leaves scattered across my garden acorns etc. However I loved your exercise bringing the Oak into the house. Thank you.

    • How wonderful to have acorns scattered across your garden!

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