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Bookshelf – Subtle Worlds by David Spangler

Posted on Oct 9, 2015 by in Guardian Gateway Bookshelf | 0 comments

I love how it feels when I find a book that explains, in practical terms, something I’ve only known intuitively.


It makes such a difference to have a mental understanding as well as an inner-knowing!


With that in mind I’ve created our new Guardian Gateway Bookshelf so I can bring your attention to the books I believe can truly make a difference in your life.


Our first book recommendation is for a powerful, amazing, life-transforming book (I really can’t say enough good things about it!) by David Spangler:


Subtle Worlds: An Explorer’s Field Notes


Guardian Gateway Bookshelf Subtle Worlds 1


David was the final speaker for our Guardian Spirits of Nature Telesummit last spring, and I was so honored to be able to include his wisdom and experience in the event.


In Subtle Worlds, he shares what he’s learned from a lifetime of connecting to non-physical allies. His practical approach,easy-to-grasp explanations, and deep understanding of the subject make this a book to read again and again.


Throughout the book, David Spangler shares his experience and understanding of:

  • What he calls your “Pit Crew,” a team of non-physical beings who partner with you: “Their basic intent where you are concerned is that your incarnation is a success and fulfills the goals you set for yourself when you decided to enter the physical world. They are, in effect, the equivalent of an inner family.” Page 112.
  • The life and consciousness within what we may think of as inanimate objects
  • Angels, Devas, Nature Spirits, Techno=Spirits, Elementals, Non-physical humans,

…and so much more!


I think you’ll treasure it like I do!

Guardian Gateway Bookshelf Subtle Worlds 2



You can get a physical or Pdf copy for yourself through David Spangler’s website, (in case you like to write in your books, like I do!)

And a Kindle version is available from here:

subtle worlds cover


While you are on the website, take a moment to explore all the wonderful things they have to offer, including a collection of essays and articles in their “Library” section.

Note: I’m not getting a fee or using an affiliate link to recommend this book to you. I just want to share it with you because I want you to have access to the knowledge and wisdom it holds!

Happy Reading!

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