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Anayah Joi Holilly has walked many paths. Some have led her to places of despair, feeling terribly sad and alone, while others, including working with the angelic realms, have led her into such light, into the glorious, bliss-filled, wonder of it, leading her to become a certified Angel Intuitive (2003) with advanced training (2006).

Anayah has learned quite a lot on her way: About love, life, laughter, speaking from the heart, harsh words and their effects on both herself and others, heartache, suicide, divorce, death, joy, and how to soothe a frightened child, even when that that child is within herself.

Anayah is passionate about sharing the angels love and guidance to assist others find more peace and joy in their own lives.

An Indigo scout and mother of Indigos, Anayah has had to learn how to communicate in a world that so often felt overwhelming and strange to her – and to learn to allow her children to teach her how to communicate with them, in their world as Indigos.